World Series 2020 betting odds: Betts boosts Dodgers odds

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MLB spring training is finally upon us and it won’t be long until the first pitch of the 2020 MLB regular season is thrown. With that being said, sportsbooks have been updating the odds for the next World Series champion since before the calendar flipped to the new year, so let’s take a look at the current favorites and underdogs for the 2020 World Series.

After their key off-season addition in ace pitcher Gerrit Cole, the New York Yankees are the oddsmakers’ favorites to win it all this year with odds of +350, according to the popular online sportsbook Bet365. They are closely followed by the Los Angeles Dodgers at +400, who, of course, have recently added star right fielder Mookie Betts to their lineup.

The Houston Astros, despite playing this season under major controversy, sit next +600. A pair of NL East rivals round out the Top 5 as the Atlanta Braves come in at +1,200 and the defending-champion Washington Nationals sit at +1,400.

Odds to win 2020 World Series

Team Odds to win 2020 World Series
New York Yankees +350
Los Angeles Dodgers +400
Houston Astros +600
Atlanta Braves +1,200
Washington Nationals +1,400
Minnesota Twins +1,400
St. Louis Cardinals +1,600
Philadelphia Phillies +1,800
Tampa Bay Rays +1,800
New York Mets +2,000
Milwaukee Brewers +2,200
Boston Red Sox +2,500
Chicago Cubs +2,500
Cleveland Indians +2,500
Cincinnati Reds +3,000
Oakland Athletics +3,000
Chicago White Sox +3,300
Los Angeles Angels +3,300
Arizona Diamondbacks +4,000
San Diego Padres +4,000
Texas Rangers +6,600
Toronto Blue Jays +6,600
Colorado Rockies +15,000
San Francisco Giants +25,000
Pittsburgh Pirates +25,000
Seattle Mariners +30,000
Detroit Tigers +100,000
Baltimore Orioles +100,000
Miami Marlins +100,000
Kansas City Royals +100,000

Odds subject to change at any time.

Understanding World Series futures odds

Sportsbooks will post odds for the World Series as early as the day after the end of the previous MLB postseason. These odds are constantly adjusted throughout the offseason as players get hurt or are suspended or traded. Once the season begins in late March, title odds will change as often as daily as teams win and lose games and as players get hurt or suspended. Sportsbooks will also adjust the MLB futures odds based on handle and liability to certain teams.

World Series futures odds will usually look like this:

  • New York Yankees +350

This means that on a $100 bet, you’ll stand to profit $350 if the Yankees win the World Series. If it’s close to the end of the regular season or during the playoffs and if there is a very dominant team, you might see that a team is has a minus sign (-) ahead of its odds.

  • Boston Red Sox -120

This means that you would need to bet $120 to win $100 on a Red Sox championship.

Above we have posted the American odds for MLB futures. However, these are easy to convert to decimal odds or fractional odds with our odds converter tool.

How to bet on MLB futures odds

There are a few different ways to bet on professional baseball futures odds. One way is by selecting the winner of the World Series. You’re able to do this from basically after the final out of the previous year’s World Series all the way through the next year’s playoffs.

There are many other baseball futures markets to dive into as well, such as odds to win the National League and American League pennants, odds to win each division within both the NL and AL, and by taking the Over or Under on a team’s total wins for the season. Some sportsbooks will also offer markets on player awards such as the MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year.